Womens Wellbeing Yoga

These classes include Yoga Therapy for Fertility & Menstrual Health.

Any woman is welcome to these classes, who would like to experience more self care, balance and connection to her menstrual and womb health. 


Women can benefit greatly from these specialised yoga therapy sessions, which include yoga nidra, (deep relaxation), as well as asana (postures and movements), pranayama (breathing techniques) and a holistic look at our cycles.


The sessions can be helpful in improving:

- menstrual problems 

- pre-menstrual tension

- period pain including lower back pain

- fertility issues

- complements IVF treatment

- following pregnancy loss

- tuning in to your natural rhythms

- learning to nurture yourself through your cycle

- peri-menopausal symptoms / approaching menopause

- honouring your womb (including if it has been surgically removed)

- feeling informed and empowered regarding your body as a female

Suitable for all levels of fitness, flexibility or yoga experience. If you have any questions regarding the suitability of the class, or to enquire about private sessions, please contact Pippa

1hr classes:

£10 / £24 for block of 3 / £42 for block of 6

Monthly on selected Mondays 7.30pm-8.30pm at The Granary Cabin, Manor Farm, Brogborough, MK43 0YD

For dates see the booking system calendar or email Pippa on karmabirth@yahoo.co.uk

Private sessions are also available, as are bespoke packages (e.g. fertility or womb healing reiki treatments can be combined with yoga therapy).


NB: REIKI, MASSAGE and in some cases, Closing The Bones and the 3-STEP REWIND PROGRAMME, can be beneficial for balancing emotions and releasing tension and trauma within the mind body, thereby potentially having a positive effect on menstrual cycles, and can help after baby loss for example - please feel free to contact me to discuss further options.

Class attendees say....


Fantastic yoga by an amazing teacher.

An amazing candle light yoga tonight - calm and focused -
Much needed after a hectic weekend