rebozo & massage in pregnancy

You can book a private Rebozo & Relaxation session with Pippa using a Rebozo as a useful relaxation and birth preparation tool.  Currently on zoom, and ideally with your partner, these sessions can be combined with massage for pregnancy and labour tuition.


A Rebozo is a long piece of cloth, like a scarf, originating from Mexico (also known as a Manta from Equador).   It is used for the comfort of pregnant, birthing and postnatal mothers, as well as other uses like being used as a baby carrier, or shawl.


In these pregnancy sessions, you remain passive, and the Rebozo techniques usually involve some light wrapping, with comforting, rhythmic rocking and swaying, helping to:


  • loosen tight ligaments around the pelvis, and

  • relax muscular and fascia tension, therefore

  • encourage baby into a good position for birth

  • ease aches and pains in the lower back or pelvis

  • relieve feelings of pressure and "heaviness" from the bump

  • promote relaxation and confidence as you approach birth

  • provide an interesting, holistic and fun session

You receive a complementary Rebozoz if you are my Birth Doula Client

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