Due to the current corona virus situation, I am not treating in person, however, I can offer you video calls or recordings for self or partner massage, also incorporating

Self/partner massage and Rebozo techniques.

You can also buy a voucher to redeem in person for later in the year (a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one and something to look forward to!)

massage for pregnancy 

Indian Head Massage in a seated position.  Fantastic for easing those common upper back, shoulder and head tensions, in pregnancy or anytime.  

£35 for 40 mins (or book 3 for £90) 

£45 for 60 mins (or book 3 for £120) - combined with reiki or extra massage 

Pip's Pregnancy Nurture Treatment - new for 2020!

This unique treatment for the second and third trimesters includes a wonderful mix of the following to truly feel relaxed as you prepare for birth, body and mind.  The ultimate nurturing pregnancy experience that goes way beyond pampering.

£85 for 2 hours 

Thai Pregnancy or Postnatal Massage is a wonderful whole body treatment.  (Traditional Thai Massage, this is done fully clothed on a comfortable futon) 

£65 for 90 mins  (or book 3 for £180) - full body treatments available spring 2020.

reiki for pregnancy 

Reiki  re-balances the body's natural energy. 


My hands are placed gently on, or near to, the body , and all that is required of you is to lay relaxing on the massage couch under a cosy blanket throughout!   Can also be done whilst seated if necessary or on my comfy pregnancy beanbag!

During pregnancy, Reiki can bring a wonderful sense of relaxation in what can be an emotional, stressful and busy time.  Reviving your personal energy flow, and helping with clarity and calm can be helpful at any time, and in the lead up to birthing your baby.   It can even help in labour!  (subject to availability!)

Reiki can also be combined with other treatments and even yoga - please contact me for details.

£45 for 60 minutes (or book 3 for £120)

rebozo for pregnancy

Using a Rebozo (a traditional kind of scarf from Mexico), as a useful relaxation / birth preparation tool can be very effective. 


In these sessions, the Rebozo techniques involve some light wrapping, with comforting, rhythmic rocking and swaying, often like massage, helping to:


  • loosen tight ligaments around the pelvis, and

  • relax muscular and fascia tension, therefore

  • encourage baby into a good position for birth

  • ease aches and pains in the lower back or pelvis

  • relieve feelings of pressure and "heaviness" of the bump

  • promote relaxation & confidence as you approach birth

  • increase bonding with your baby and partner


Partners are welcome to attend, (and I can show you techniques you can use together).

Typically, a 60-minute session is £45.

Clients say....


I had three treatments with Pippa during my third trimester and all were incredible. Across the three, I had combinations of Indian head massage, shoulders, back and neck massage, facial massage, full body Thai massage and reiki - Pippa is multi-talented! I left her lovely wooden cabin each time feeling nurtured, warm and fuzzy. Her treatments are a proper treat at any time but particularly during pregnancy when rest and relaxation is so needed.

As well as these, my husband and I also had a Rebozo session with Pippa. Learning how to use this scarf to alleviate some of my pregnancy aches and pains was really helpful and it also gave my husband a lovely way to help me carry some of the weight of our little one.


I'd really recommend her :)


Pippa's treatments are incredible!

I have had both the Indian Head Massage and Closing The Bones ceremony, and both were highly therapeutic, beneficial and excellent value for money.


I first had a Reiki treatment with Pippa when I was really stressed at 8 months pregnant. 


I found it remarkably relaxing and calming, and felt a soothing warmth in my body. It was lovely, so relaxing.   It really helped me to keep calm and focused before the birth.

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Pippa Moss

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