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Held near Bedford on Saturday mornings (with an option to join via zoom), this is Active Birth Yoga, which is a very special blend of gentle yet effective, especially adapted hatha yoga postures and positions that are helpful and safe for pregnancy.

We practise wonderful, natural positions and movements for labour

and healthy breathing for wellbeing and for birth, plus some hypnobirthing techniques e.g. visualisations and affirmations.


In every class, there is deep relaxation, support and information from an experienced teacher (and doula), and time for chat and tea.

Just some of the benefits are:

  • safe healthy exercise for pregnancy - no experience necessary

  • easing pregnancy aches and pains, including back ache/pelvis pain

  • lower stress, depression and anxiety levels

  •  increase feelings of confidence, calm and positivity

  • bond with your baby and enhance their development

  • learn more about pregnancy, birth and early baby days 

  • spend time with other pregnant women 

  • physically and mentally prepare for birth . . . and many more!

Class attendees say....

"I've attended Pippa's pregnancy yoga classes from 14 weeks pregnant. The classes are really focused on helping you find movements that relieve pregnancy symptoms (like stiff joints), and also teaching you beneficial positions for labour and active birth. I have found all this information and learning invaluable in terms of preparing myself for birth for the first time, and also hugely influential in a positive way on my deciding the type of birth I would like to aim for. The tea and chat sessions at the end of each class are a great opportunity to connect with other mums-to-be and to share experiences, to get things off our chests, and signposting us to useful books/resources. Since moving online due to the COVID-19 situation, I have found the classes have continued to be really useful and enjoyable, and I would recommend anyone who is not sure about doing it online to give it a try. Thanks for all your teaching Pippa and I look forward to sharing news of my baby soon!"  Felicity


I started antenatal yoga with Pippa as soon as I was able to and absolutely loved it!


I am a natural pessimist so that combined with the woes of Dr Google and 2 earlier miscarriages meant I was quite anxious about this pregnancy.

Pippa’s friendly and calming demeanour, and the time at the end of the yoga to talk with the other mums over a chocolate bourbon and herbal tea really helped put my mind and body in a better place. 

I knew that once I had the baby I would be doing the Karma Birth Mum and baby classes with her as well! William loved the baby massage and so did I! It really helped us bond!


What’s lovely is also the network of other mums who have done the same antenatal journey with Pippa. 


Coming to your pregnancy yoga classes really helped me become more philosophical about giving birth and much less fearful of pain.


There is a lot to be said for calm, acceptance, patience and dedicated time in managing fear and pain.


I also really enjoyed learning from you and your experiences of birth and the other women in the class.


Even if you’re feeling good about your pregnancy it is a vulnerable time so the camaraderie and support of other women is invaluable. I found the post-yoga tea and talk a wonderful way to connect and sometimes very emotional.


I looked forward to giving birth because I felt calmer and more confident in my own skin.


I didn't know anyone else who was pregnant when I was, so coming to yoga weekly was a great way to make friends and talk through any worries. 


I still meet up with a few of them now with their babies, it's really lovely.  I was new to yoga when I started classes, but found it so relaxing in contrast to my stressful job that it helped me to bond with my baby and prepare for the birth without distraction.


That was so useful when my baby was born; I was able to trust my body and remain positive and focused.  


Pippa's classes are amazing for reflection, bonding and having time for yourself and your baby.


She also makes a mean powerball.


The general advice given around birthing, feeding and all things baby is fantastic.


My second birth was very calm and natural and the tips, advice and techniques to remain calm were fundamental in achieving a good experience after a very managed first labour.


Just wanted to say "Thank you" for all your tips and info over the past months. They really came into great use when I went into labour and gave birth. The yoga really helped and it definitely really helped me to stay calm. My image of giving birth beforehand was laying on a bed with legs up and pushing, so it really opened my eyes to the different options and possibilities that I could have for my birth......and in the end....I wasn't on the bed at all, I had quite an active birth and it was a lovely experience! I didn't have a birth plan, I was very open minded about things and just wanted everything to be calm and relaxed, which is what happened! :) The yoga, breathing techniques, positions and the chats beforehand definitely helped me to have the experience I had! 


I started the pregnancy yoga when I was 14 weeks pregnant, right up until the end and gained a great deal more from it than I had expected. Other than the general fitness and health benefits, the awareness of the processes in pregnancy and labour helped me a lot. I enjoyed meeting with other pregnant women who were at all different stages, as it gave me a better insight into what was going to happen, and also the opportunity to make new friends. I was fortunate enough not to suffer from any health problems during or post pregnancy and I think this had a lot to do practising yoga.  


(Louise also attended the classes when pregnant with her second baby - it's so lovely when people come back!)           

Photographs by Essence Photography


The most wonderful, informative and lovely classes. I’ve been to see Pippa in both my pregnancies and each time her classes have helped me prepare, stretch and relax. I found it a great way to switch off and focus some time on me and the new baby!


I also attended a preparing for breastfeeding session which was a fantastic recap for baby number two! Thank you, thank you!


As someone who has anxiety, a friend of mine recommended trying pregnancy yoga. The techniques we practiced each week most definitely helped prepare me before and during my C-section. Since having my son I now attend the baby massage/yoga class which we both enjoy. I recently had an indian head massage and closing the bones treatments with Pippa. They were both very relaxing and therapeutic. I was even a little emotional after closing the bones! I'd recommend both to anyone!

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