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Online Pregnancy Packages 

Investing in our wellbeing and support is as more important than ever before.
So I am committed to continue to offer you the best of what I can remotely and online, on an individual level and providing a special group set up for community and extra level of support.

With all the women I have supported over the last ten years there’s a very familiar story I hear again and again.   Those who come to me in their second (or sometimes third) pregnancy, say:

I want things to be different this time”.  


Hindsight is a wonderful thing! 


So what is needed, this time around?  And what is extra important during this time of social distancing?

  • to know your options and make your own choices

  • additional support when you can feel more isolated

  • tips and tools for a more positive experience

  • extra, non-judgemental support for pregnancy, birth and after

  • to ease aches and pains, & other pregnancy symptoms

  • to take time out to connect with their pregnancy and baby 

  • specialist treatments; relief from stress or anxiety

  • a more holistic and mindful approach

Human beings are not designed for going through huge transformations without support. 

And there aren’t many transformations that can rival growing, birthing and parenting a tiny human!

With this in mind, I have created these exclusive, holistic support packages and a membership for you to help meet these needs - for first time mums, or those adding to their family.

Premium Pregnancy Package

antenatal doula support 

 from time of booking - after birth 

  • ​2 x 1:1 antenatal support calls (inc birth and postnatal planning)

  • 4 x Pregnancy Yoga/Relaxation classes (or 2 private sessions)

  • Birth Prep with partner inc. practical techniques and PDF guide

  • Facebook group access for further resources, support, community

  • 1:1 Postnatal support call (following birth)

  • 50% off Voucher for Pips Pregnancy/Postnatal Nurture Treatment for when we can meet in person (private video call massage session)

  • Continued support from Pippa via whatsapp (not labour/birth* 

Spring Offer = £595  (worth £695) 

Platinum Pregnancy Package

birth doula support 

 from time of booking - after birth 

Includes everything in the Premium Pregnancy Package above, PLUS one of two options depending on circumstances:

  • Remote Doula support during labour  

  • includes being on call for your birth, is subject to availability and an additional £250 for members / £295 non-members

  • TOTAL £ 845*  (usually £990)

  • Physical Doula support during labour/birth

  • includes being on call for your birth, subject to availability, location, and C-19 and maternity care guidelines

  • An additional £350 for members / £395 non-members

  • TOTAL £945* (usually £1090)

Optional add-ons and discounts for package members:


  • Treatments are subject to availability and corona virus situation and are an additional £40 per 60 minutes (non members £45)

  • Extra ad hoc support, £35 per hour (non members £45)

  • Preparing to Breastfeed antenatal (or postnatal) session £65 (non members £75)

  • Yoga/Birth Ball, Eye Pillow, & Massage Ball for £25 plus postage for UK (or collection from Bedfordshire) (non members £35)

  • 3-Step Rewind for Previous Birth Healing sessions - £85 (non members £120)

  • 50% off birth pool hire (collection Bedfordshire)

 Zillah said, after the birth of her first baby: "Pippa, thank you for all your advice, tips and techniques over the past 4-5 months. There is no way we would have had such an enjoyable and successful birth without you. I wish more people knew the difference these techniques and great support can make"

And more recently (8 years, and 2 more babies later!), which is so great as this "work" is long lasting and for life, not just birth!...

".. At your pregnancy yoga I didn't yet know what I needed to know but through the chats in the classes I heard snippets and started asking questions. Then I researched and asked more questions. I found my fit and in doing so I found the opportunity to be me. The path I started led me to what I am now in all aspects of my life and for that I am so grateful Pippa xx"

"A whole different approach to pregnancy and birth which I have wholeheartedly embraced. The signposting to various books and resources has been brilliant for helping expand on discussions in classes and support calls. A network of other pregnant ladies (which will hopefully continue as a network of postnatal Mums) to connect with, have support with and create friendships and a sense of community with". Felicity


"I first met Pippa at her pregnancy yoga. The session was amazing. Pippa took time for us all to individually share how we were feeling, gave us helpful tips beyond just yoga and enabled us to engage as a group of pregnant ladies, sharing our stories and swapping advice. 


Feeling somewhat cheated out of enjoying my pregnancy and the things that come with it due to Coronavirus; exercise classes, meeting other mothers to be I was delighted to discover Pippa already had a strong online presence and has been extremely active in moving all her services online to support the pregnant community. 


I attend Pippa’s weekly coffee morning for pregnant ladies, which have already proven to be a godsend and a safe space for me to have a chat with others that understand what I’m going through, and just focus on being pregnant and enjoy it. Some of the other ladies have reached out with advice and support,  Pippa certainly knows how to build a strong tribe of supportive and resourceful women. 


Nothing is too much trouble for Pippa, even in this challenging time. She’s made it possible for me to purchase birthing and yoga equipment safely during lockdown and given me the means to continue practicing yoga at home. 


Although we only met once in person, we’ve spoken a lot virtually over recent weeks, that Pippa feels like an old friend already. I really appreciate her support and her guidance to date us made me feel more at ease about my forthcoming labour."  Liz

In my first pregnancy I attended Pippa's pregnancy yoga class which I found useful and full of topics I wouldn't even have thought of, it was a bank of knowledge and hot tips.


When I found myself pregnant with my 2nd baby, I decided I needed extra support as my 1st birth didn't go the way I envisaged and I wanted things to be different this time. Pippa came to mind immediately; luckily, she was more than happy to put together a bespoke package for me and my husband at a price that was excellent value.

She spoke to me about my previous birth and helped me draw out the positives, in addition to showing me relaxation techniques for this pregnancy and birth. We had pregnancy relaxation, mini massage, and a private birth preparation session with my husband and I.


Again, the birth didn't go the way I envisaged. However, after working with Pippa, mentally I felt more equipped to deal with it and have much more positive feelings associated with ithe whole experience.

I would definitely endorse Pippa and her approach in helping anyone with their pregnancy journey, regardless of which number pregnancy it is.

I'm now looking forward to mummy and baby yoga!  Amy

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