From 18 July 2020, I will be offering treatments again, from my treatment room in Oakley, Bedfordshire.   

(Depending on the weather and your wishes, it may be possible to have your treatment outside in the garden)

Due to the COVID situation and guidelines, there will be some restrictions and slight differences to the way these work, such as a maximum of 60 minutes appointment time, and no facial massage. 

For full details, and to book, please contact me  or see booking system, where treatments need to be booked.


For those who would like to experience some massage but are shielding or unable to come along for a treatment, I am still offering you video calls for guided self or partner massage, including 

Self/partner massage

Self Indian Head Massage

Using a Massage Ball & Rebozo (scarf)

Birth Healing (3-Step Rewind)

You can also buy a voucher to redeem in person for later in the year (a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one and something to look forward to!)

postnatal massage 

Indian Head Massage in a seated position.  Fantastic for easing those common achy neck and shoulders postnatally, and great for restoring energy.

£35 for 40 mins (or book 3 for £90)  CURRENTLY £35 FOR 40 minutes (no facial massage)

£45 for 60 mins (or book 3 for £120) - combined with reiki or extra massage 

Pip's  Postnatal Nurture Treatment - new for 2020!

This unique treatment, for approximately 6 weeks - 6 months post birth, includes a mix of the following to truly feel nurtured as a new mum, and incorporates aspects of Closing The Bones providing a wonderful, meaningful way of honouring the body, whilst bringing closure to the pelvic bones and birth process.

  • Thai massage (clothed)

  • Oily pelvic, abdominal and optional upper body massage

  • Oily facial and foot massage

  • Rebozo pelvic rocking and wrapping

  • Reiki / mini meditation / deep relaxation 

£85 for 2 hours   CURRENTLY £55 FOR 55 minutes (no facial massage)

Thai Postnatal Massage is a wonderful whole body treatment.  (Traditional Thai Massage, this is done fully clothed on a comfortable futon) 

£65 for 90 mins  (or book 3 for £180) - full body treatments available spring 2020.

CURRENTLY £45 FOR 55 minutes

reiki treatments 

Ultimate relaxing massage

Reiki  re-balances the body's natural energy. 


My hands are placed gently on, or near to, the body , and all that is required of you is to lay relaxing on the massage couch under a cosy blanket throughout!   Can also be done whilst seated if necessary.

As Reiki is non-invasive, it is suitable for almost everyone, including new mothers and newborn babies (so your baby can be with you if required)

Especially helpful through the postnatal weeks and months (or any time!), to help re-balance and restore your personal energy, whilst reducing anxiety and stress and easing aches, pains and other unwanted symptoms.  


Babies can also greatly benefit from Reiki, especially if they are colicky or unsettled, or had a traumatic birth, and they can be held and have a treatment alongside you for a deeply bonding experience.  

Reiki can also be combined with other treatments and even yoga - please contact me for details or see Bespoke page.  If you would like to learn Reiki for yourself, please click here for information about courses.

£45 for 60 minutes (or book 3 for £120)

Birth Healing

I can offer a variety of therapies for birth healing. 

The 3-Step Rewind Programme (please click for more details) can be booked on it's own or within a combination of treatments to help you following a difficult birth (or other perinatal) experience that makes you feel upset or that you would describe as traumatic.  Reiki and my special Pip's Postnatal Nurture Treatment (see above) can be very healing. 


As a Doula I especially appreciate that society, and medical care can be dismissive and unsupportive following a difficult birth.  I can offer some relief for new mums who are struggling a little, or who just want to work through their experience.  Please contact me if you'd like to book one or more therapies for birth healing, or if you'd like to discuss what might be right for you.   

At the moment I am offering the first part of the 3-Step Rewind process for free (birth debrief and meditation).  If you then decide you would like to go ahead with the second and third sessions (guided meditation and reframing/healing), you can book them at a discounted rate of £50.

"Pip's Postnatal Nurture Treatment with Thai Yoga Massage - it was brilliant!!   I felt so relaxed afterwards, and all the aches and pains I seem to have developed since becoming a mummy felt so much better! I much preferred the interactivity of this treatment compared to a passive, oily massage. I will definitely be going back for more and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone else who is feeling the need for a good whole body re-set!" - Sarah

"Thank you to Pippa, for a shoulder, neck, head and face massage that was so relaxing after suffering from stiff, achey muscles from breast feeding my baby son. Pippa offered to watch me feed and helped adjust my positioning too which was fantastically helpful. I would definitely recommend the massage to any mummy's that are feeling the physical strain of breast feeding or any other activity that leaves you feeling tight and achy."  - Sian

Pippa's treatments are incredible!

I have had both the Indian Head Massage and Closing The Bones ceremony, and both were highly therapeutic, beneficial and excellent value for money. - Natalie

I first had a Reiki treatment when I was really stressed at 8 months pregnant.  I found it remarkably relaxing and calming, and felt a soothing warmth in my body.  The second treatment was with my 4 month old son.  He wouldn't settle for me to have the treatment on my own so we had the treatment together, with him lying on my chest as I cuddled him.  He resisted for a few minutes and then fell fast asleep. It was lovely, so relaxing.  I felt wonderful warmth...a lovely bonding feeling with my son...felt totally relaxed and refreshed after"

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