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Postnatal Packages 

Support, self care and wellbeing are as important as ever at this time.   
So I am committed to continue to offer you the best of what I can remotely and online, (as well as in person where and when possible) on an individual level and providing a special group set up for community and extra level of support.

With all the women I have supported over eleven years, there’something that is extremely important to them in the early days, weeks and months following the birth of their baby.  

No one can really prepare you for what it's like”.  


I hear this all the time.  And it's true.


So what CAN help prepare you?  And what can make a difference?

  • constant, non-judgemental friendly support from a familiar face

  • consistent, useful, evidence-based and non-biased information

  • to feel nurtured and supported while you heal after birth

  • reassurance and signposting to extra support where necessary

  • to ease aches and pains, & other postnatal symptoms

  • to take time out to connect with your baby

  • connect with other mothers - build your village

  • specialist treatments; relief from stress or anxiety, tiredness

  • a more holistic and mindful approach to life

This package is currently available:

Human beings are not designed for going through huge transformations without support. 

And there aren’t many transformations that can rival birthing and parenting a tiny human!

With this in mind, I have created exclusive, holistic support packages for you to help meet these needs - for first time mums, or those adding to their family.

Please note:

  • A Free 30-minute initial discovery call is available and advised for all packages to see what is right for you

  • Payment plans are available

  • Gift certificates are available for payments towards packages

  • An agreement will be provided

Optional Extras include:

  • Birth pool hire discount

  • Birth Debrief & Healing (for previous birth experience) discounted

  • Extra treatments £55 for 55 minutes

  • Extra support hours for £45 per hour

  • Breastfeeding info session £75

"I first met Pippa during her pregnancy yoga classes and I was really impressed by her knowledge and ability to put all of us first-time mums-to-be at ease. When I found out that she also offers baby massage I knew immediately that we will be seeing each other after the baby was born. What I didn’t realise was just how difficult I would find adjusting to my new role as a mum. Thankfully, Pippa noticed that with my husband’s and my family living far away we would benefit from postnatal doula services and she filled in that gap in our lives. She was there to answer all the questions that we had as new parents, helped with establishing a healthy breastfeeding pattern, bonding, sleep… I would recommend her services to every new mum. In fact, we already know to book Pippa for when we’re expecting baby number two and next time it will be at a much earlier stage!" - Joanna

(During her next pregnancy, Joanna hired me as her birth doula and went on to have an amazing home water birth!)

"I felt so relieved to have this support and am so grateful to Pippa for everything!  I honestly believe that without her tips and encouragement I would have given up on breastfeeding 4 or 5 times.  She has also helped me to emotionally bond with baby with tips such as; baby massage, skin to skin, sleeping, bath time, different holds…..I would say that becoming a parent is a huge life change that you cannot even imagine and the challenges are immense.


Working with Pippa helped me to cope emotionally, stay on track with breastfeeding, learn how to nurture, soothe and bond with my baby, and was a friend who gives unconditional love and support when I needed it most.  


Pippa is a kind and caring soul full of empathy and love.   She has truly found her calling in life and anyone who uses her services is very lucky to have found her." - Tracy

"I cannot recommend Pippa and her classes enough.   I attended pregnancy yoga and now, baby massage and yoga with my little girl.  The classes are such a safe and calming place to just be and take time for yourself and your baby.

Pippa has helped me through a traumatic birth, and the baby massage and yoga give me really quality special time, and it's so great having Pippa and the other mums to chat to, too!” - Natalie

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Pippa Moss

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