postnatal doula 

A Postnatal Doula is a non-clinical but knowledgeable support person, who can provide you with practical, emotional and informational support through the early days, weeks - and in some cases, months - following the birth of your baby. 

As a modern society, we have lost much of the postnatal nurturing and support for women who have given birth, and apart from a few visits to welcome the new baby, often a new mum finds herself feeling lonely, confused and unsure in her new role, or overwhelmed if she already has other children.   Research has shown than having a doula reduces the risk of postnatal depression and anxiety.

How can I help you as your Postnatal Doula?....

  • Provide you with physical, emotional and practical support 

  • Be a calm presence, and promote rest and birth recovery 

  • Increase chances of successful breastfeeding, should this be your preference

  • Available via text or email for the time I am with you (not 24 hours)

  • Support with general care for your baby; talk through any concerns

  • Help out with light household chores so you can concentrate on resting, or caring for your baby (laundry, washing up, vacuuming, making you lunch etc)

  • Signpost you to information or services that you may find helpful

  • Be a listening, non-judgemental ear (if necessary, shoulder to cry on!)

  • Accompany you on shopping trips or doctor appointments if you need a hand

I am a Recognised Doula with Doula UK, having completed their flagship mentorship programme in 2017. This means that I have reached a certain level of experience and my fees reflect that.     

I have also taken part in postnatal training at the prestigious Active Birth centre, postnatal doula'd for many families including those with twins, trained in breastfeeding support, held Postnatal Yoga classes and Developmental Baby Massage and Movement for many years, and cared for three children of my own.

My usual hourly Postnatal Doula fee is £35 per hour, minimum 2 hours / maximum 4 hours per visit, within school hours, and on occasional evenings/weekends/nights.  


Alternatively you may like to buy a package; see details below.   Bookings can be made before or after your baby is born.


Postnatal Doula Packages

  • Nursing Newborn

    Postnatal  Doula Package 


    • 15 hours support sessions

    • Birth debrief / healing

    • Feeding and sleeping information

    • Emotional support

    • Practical support/ info (with PPE if in your home)

    • Baby Massage intro session

    • Access to facebook group

    Can be provided online or in -person, or a combination, depending on requirements, location and guidelines.

  • Postnatal  Wellbeing Mentorship   ***Premium Package***

    Mother and Baby


    • 3 months of wellbeing and support

    • 15 hour support sessions

    • Birth debrief / healing

    • Baby Massage classes inc holds and soothing

    • Postnatal Yoga inc pelvic floor and relaxation

    • Nutrition, essential oils and more holistic info

    • Feeding and sleeping information

    • Emotional support

    • Indian Head and Postnatal Nurture Massages (inc Closing The Bones)

    • Access to facebook group

    • Support calls and whatsapp access throughout

    Can be provided online or in -person, or a combination, depending on requirements, location and guidelines.

Please note:

  • A Free 30-minute initial discovery call is available and advised for all packages to see what is right for you

  • Payment plans are available

  • Gift certificates are available for payments towards packages

  • An agreement will be provided

Optional Extras include:

  • Birth Debrief & Healing discounted

  • Extra treatments £55 for 55 minutes

  • Extra support hours for £25 per hour

  • Breastfeeding info session £75

"I decided to hire Pippa as a postnatal doula to help me with my newborn twins and my toddler, when my parents were on holiday for a couple of weeks.  Her help proved invaluable.

I had imagined that she would simply be an extra pair of hands around the house, but in fact it was much more than that.  I can only compare it to having a good friend around, but then being able to ask that friend to muck in and just get on with whatever needs doing!  She would look after the babies and my toddler so that I could get on with chores, get out shopping, and she would remind me to have lunch, and make me cups of tea.  I always noticed how the house was calm when she left.  


For me, it made the difference between coping without my mum's support and crumbling, and it was such a success that we decided to keep Pippa on once a week going forwards.   I don't think my two year old would forgive me if he didn't see her once a week!" - Helen

"I felt so relieved to have this support and am so grateful to Pippa for everything!!!..... I honestly believe that without her tips and encouragement I would have given up on breastfeeding 4 or 5 times.  She has also helped me to emotionally bond with baby with tips such as; baby massage, skin to skin, co-sleeping, bath time, different holds.  [She] would help me with whatever I needed - be it a nap, a shower, to have time to make myself a meal/snack, someone to hold the baby for a while and allow me to take a step back, breastfeeding support, tips on how to calm/soothe baby, help with household chores.....

I would recommend doula support to any friend expecting a baby.....I would say that becoming a parent is a huge life change that you cannot even imagine and the challenges are immense. Hiring a [postnatal] doula helped me to cope emotionally, stay on track with breastfeeding, learn how to nurture, soothe and bond with my baby, and was a friend who gives unconditional love and support when I needed it most. 


Pippa is a kind and caring soul full of empathy and love.   She has truly found her calling in life and anyone who uses her services is very lucky to have found her." - Tracy