mama blessings

Ceremony's and treatments are available for during pregnancy, 1-2-1 or for a group.   

A Mama Blessing is a traditional, mother-focused event in addition to - or as an alternative to - a baby shower.   

It's a gathering for the mother-to-be (through pregnancy, adoption or marriage), which honours her journey into motherhood, as a rite of passage; a celebration to help her move into this next special phase of life.

The woman’s friends and family gather in a circle of women and the focus is on nurturing her in her last days/weeks of pregnancy.  Small yet meaningful gifts, gestures and wisdom are offered, with the intention to support her in her preparation for motherhood (for first or subsequent children).

There is an emphasis on sisterhood; on fun, nurture and connection with those present so that she may recall this during birth and early days.  Activities in a Mama Blessing often involve leaving negativity and worries at the door, messages of love and wisdom, massage or treatments to pamper and relax the mother, honour the pregnancy, healthy nurturing food, meditation.   


It is not a religious ceremony, and is suitable for those of any faith, or no faith;  (although can sometimes be experienced as spiritual).

It is best that the mother-to-be does not organise the Mama Blessing herself; in a similar way that Hen Parties are usually made more special when another chosen person chooses how to create a special event for her. 

I can provide treatments, ceremonial aspects or provide ideas and a space for a Mama Blessing for you or your friend/family member.

Please contact me to enquire.

Postnatally, Closing The Bones is a blessing and honours the mother's journey into the next stage of parenthood, as well as promoting realignment following birth, or a restorative treatment at any time.