The key to transforming your experience of pregnancy & birth starts here.

Pippa Moss - Pre & Postnatal Wellbeing Mentor

is an experienced specialist Yoga Teacher, Therapist & Doula -

offering a wonderfully nurturing range of classes, treatments, support and packages, for pregnancy, birth and into parenthood.

Enjoy a holistic approach to help you feel relaxed, positive, confident and empowered through one of the most important experiences of your life.   

Here's what available for mums-to-be:


"I attended Pippa's pregnancy yoga and was so impressed with the support, knowledge and friendliness that Pippa gave each session. In addition to the yoga we also practised breathing techniques, relaxation positions and simple exercises for when we would be in labour.

Pippa repeated these regularly so that when I did go into labour I easily remembered what I had been taught and could use these techniques. We also worked on our pelvic floor. The chats we had as a group each session were also invaluable - I went from knowing not much about pregnancy, birth or the first months with a newborn to knowing quite a lot! Being able to discuss this with other pregnant women was also a great help and I made some great acquaintances who I still meet up with now. Pippa also arranged for new mums to come in for some sessions to talk about their recent birth experience. We also got to ask questions and discuss any worries with them.

I attended Pippa's active birth workshop with my partner. We learnt lots about the science behind the labour, useful positions, hospital protocols and also gave excellent support to the partners. I gained more knowledge and skills in this workshop than I did in all my NCT classes. I truly believe that this workshop was the reason why I had such a good and stress-free birth.


"I wanted to say the hugest thank you. I joined your yoga class to ensure that I relaxed during my pregnancy, as naturally I can be a stressful person, but what I got was far more. I wholeheartedly believe that my yoga classes got me through my labour. Firstly, having been to your class every week since 17 weeks into my pregnancy, I prepared my body and put my baby into the perfect position for delivery. Secondly, the Active Birth Workshop empowered and educated me to get through labour. The midwives could see this in action as they said I knew what I was doing, that I was doing brilliantly. For all of this, I can't thank you enough. I recommend your classes to any mums-to-be. Thank you, thank you, thank you" 


"After a previous assisted delivery, I was determined to give myself the best possible chance of a natural birth second time around.  I attended Pippa's Active Birth workshop with my partner and found it gave me positive reinforcement around natural birthing issues.  It also provided my partner and I with the opportunity to talk and make a birth plan following our attendance.  The most valuable part of the training was preparing ourselves for discussing potential procedures and intervention with hospital staff.  I also attended Pippa's Pregnancy Yoga classes, which were beneficial for relaxation, staying flexible and learning visualisation skills.  I am pleased to say that my dream birth came true and I delivered a baby girl in a pool with just the support from my partner.  My positive state of mind and preparation for the birth made this possible.  Pippa is a friendly, positive and flexible person.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all the support received, she is a great advocate for natural birthing and I would have no hesitation in recommending Pippa's support for others"


"Pippa's classes have been a little bit of calm in what seems to have been a very busy and exciting year. Her Pregnancy Yoga was just the thing to stretch out and soothe my tired body and prepare me both mentally and physically for labour. 

After the birth, I took my daughter to a course of Baby Massage and absolutely loved finding a new connection with her. I could see immediately the benefits through the development of her strength and mobility. It was also very relaxing and just what was needed in the early months when things were a bit hectic at home. 
Finally, the Postnatal Yoga was great for ME at a time when I was starting to feel rather neglected. It helped change my focus and made me more able to cope with the demands of a young baby. Pippa's courses have proved to be an essential life line, and I would recommend them to all those with bumps or babies." (Emily returned to classes with her second baby too)

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Pippa Moss

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