Due to the current corona virus situation, I am not treating in person, however

you can buy a voucher to redeem in person for later in the year (a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one and something to look forward to!)

reiki treatments

Reiki is a non-invasive healing treatment which re-balances the body's natural energy. 

Reiki can be of great benefit for any of the 

  • stress and anxiety

  • recovering from illness or trauma

  • aches and pains

  • coping with loss or major life challenges

  • menstrual health and fertility

  • menopause

  • self development

  • general health & wellbeing, self-care

My hands are placed gently on, or near to, the body, and you remain clothed throughout.   Reiki can be combined with massage for the ultimate treatment, or even with yoga too!

I am trained to Reiki Master Level (Level III)


£45 for 60 minutes (or book 3 sessions for £120)


"Just had my first Reiki experience with lovely Pippa and it was amazing. I slept deeply and soundly afterwards and felt a new positive focus. Fully recommend to anyone with an open mind, you won’t regret it!"



"I had a wonderful combined treatment of Thai Foot Massage and Reiki, and instantly felt relaxation and I felt so grounded, and also like I was walking on air for two days afterwards!" 


"I wasn't sure what it would be like having a Reiki treatment but I was intrigued as I had heard it's very relaxing and that's what I craved.  Pippa put my mind at ease and explained what would happen then made me comfortable as I lay down.  An hour later I felt so revived, whilst also very relaxed and grounded; totally what I needed.  During the treatment I had felt like I was in and out of sleep and at times my body felt warm, tingly and even floaty which was a lovely feeling; I now try and go for a Reiki treatment with Pippa as often as I can." 


Wow this reiki session was the start of me really going to work on the inside after having a keen interest in personal development and healing for some time, it was a powerful experience. Not long after I made a big decision to move away and make a fresh start, I never could have realised then just how right that decision was going to be! 😁💜Thank you for that part in my journey Pippa 🙌🏼

reiki courses

If you would like to learn Reiki, you can come along to a Reiki course.  There are 3 levels of training in Reiki:

  • Reiki Level 1 - I offer a one-day course which is the first step into using Reiki in your life, to treat yourself and loved ones for relaxation, healing and personal development.  You learn about what Reiki is and what it can be used for, and receive your level 1 attunements which opens the channels through which Reiki energy flows.  It is recommended that you have experienced at least one Reiki treatment before embarking on Level 1.  

  • Reiki Level 2 -  enables you to use more techniques with Reiki and experience a stronger flow of energy with your level 2 attunements.  You will learn how to use Reiki for healing the past and future, certain situations, and distance healing for others.  It is advisable to allow some months' practise after your Level 1 attunement before moving on to Level 2.  Gaining Level 2 you can become a practitioner and attain insurance.  This is usually a weekend course, although can also be done 1-2-1.

  • Reiki Level 3 - Reiki Master - is for the more experienced Reiki practitioner, who would like to use Reiki to a greater extent in their life, and have the option to teach and attune others.  It's advisable to have been practising Reiki for some time before doing your level 3, and it's important to note that even though the title is Reiki Master, we are never really a master of self healing or healing of others; using Reiki energy and following our own spiritual journey is usually a never ending, always learning, process.  Level 3 training and attunements are usually done individually with your Reiki Master.

Contact Pippa for more details.

reiki share groups

For those personally known to me and attuned to Reiki, you may join our Reiki Share group, which meets every 2 months on Friday evenings in Brogborough.

During the evening we have a guided meditation, and take turns sharing Reiki healing to each other - receiving Reiki from more than one person at a time is amazing, and very healing and connecting. 

 Numbers are strictly limited so please  contact me if you are interested in participating.

  • £5 donation

  • Email for dates and availability

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Pippa Moss

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