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A WarmWelcome to

Karma Nurture 

with Pippa Moss

Wellbeing Mentor for Mums

If you are looking to up-level your well being and balance in your life, if you have aspirations to feel happy, grounded yet energised, you are in the right place. 


As a well being mentor, I specialise in working with people during

pregnancy, postnatal and way beyond.  

I help mums (and mums-to-be) go from overwhelmed, anxious and uncertain to calm, confident and connected to themselves, through my unique holistic approach and powerful combination of specialised body, breath, energy and mindset work.

At this time, our work-life balance and investment in self care are even more important than ever.  I am committed to my own well being more than ever, and also to continue to offer you the best of what I can online and in person.   
How can Karma Nurture transform your experience of pregnancy, birth & life beyond?

 Zillah said, after the birth of her first baby: "Pippa, thank you for all your advice, tips and techniques over the past 4-5 months. There is no way we would have had such an enjoyable and successful birth without you. I wish more people knew the difference these techniques and great support can make"

And more recently (8 years, and 2 more babies later!),

".. At your pregnancy yoga I didn't yet know what I needed to know but through the chats in the classes I heard snippets and started asking questions. Then I researched and asked more questions. I found my fit and in doing so I found the opportunity to be me. The path I started led me to what I am now in all aspects of my life and for that I am so grateful Pippa xx"

How can you work with me?
I can work with you privately and in group classes or packages.   
In Autumn 2020 I am launching a mentorship course - details coming soon!







Hayley says: "When I was pregnant with my first son, I initially starting going to a pregnancy yoga class that was easy to get to after work. At the time, I thought the classes were good. I enjoyed the quiet time I got to bond with my baby and just be in the moment.   When the summer holidays came round, I started to look for classes more local to me, and came across Karma Birth. 
I vividly remember coming out of that first class with you thinking ‘wow’! Your class truly was on another level to the ones I had been attending previously. I instantly warmed towards you as a person, your confidence, expertise and knowledge of yoga poses and pregnancy was obvious, and I absolutely loved the chat and tea part at the end of the session. I knew that I would be sticking with your classes until baby arrived!

Another way in which your classes transformed my experience was how you opened my eyes to how beautiful and empowering labour could be. To be honest, I hadn’t even given a second thought to the labour before attending your classes. I had kind of assumed that I didn’t need to know anything about it. And I am so glad you got me thinking! I didn’t really know that you could have a baby without pain relief! I remember talking about pain relief options one week and you bought in a blown up birth pool for us to look at. It made me begin to consider a water birth with little or no other pain relief. And as the weeks went on, I became more certain that a natural labour was what I wanted. The active birth techniques that you incorporate into your sessions became invaluable to me.

I attended the NHS antenatal classes with my husband and came away feeling a bit disappointed about what we learnt, so I booked on to do one of your birth workshops. We both came away feeling positive, uplifted and excited about the impending arrival of our baby. Your workshop was in another league to what the NHS provided. I think what I loved the most about your classes was that you armed me with information and knowledge about labour and birth that I would never have found out if I didn’t attend your classes.
My first labour was amazing-a calm water birth in the midwife led unit at Bedford hospital. And I 100% believe that was down to attending your classes. I am certain that my labour would have been very different if I hadn’t been armed with all the techniques and knowledge you gave me. And to this day I am thankful for that. I still love telling my birth story, especially to younger first time mums who have been bombarded with horror stories. I like to plant a seed in their head that labour can be a beautiful experience, just like you planted that seed in my head.

I went on to have baby number 2 and as soon as I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to come back to your yoga sessions. It was going to be more difficult with a 4 year old at home and hubby working on Saturdays, but I made it work! And second time round, I went on to have an amazing homebirth.

My journey with you continued after baby number 1 because we attended your baby yoga and massage classes. Here, I learnt about attachment parenting and that’s the route we’ve taken in bringing up our children. I always recommend your classes to anyone I know who is pregnant, some of whom have attended and loved the classes as much as me.

Postnatal Massage which included "Closing The Bones" was a wonderful treatment. Nurturing, relaxing and very grounding. A lovely way to honour my body, specifically where I grew my babies. Pippa, as always, was fab! The treatment ended with  reading a beautiful poem which made me feel very emotional. If you’re thinking about booking this treatment, I would definitely recommend it."

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Pippa Moss

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